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When you vacation with Marina Del Rey, you'll have no shortage of time to spend soaking in the sunlight. What with the fishing, boating, and swimming opportunities, you might be exhausted by the time the sun falls. But what if you aren't ready for the day to end?

Then it sounds like you need to venture out into the nightlife! South Grand Lake has a ton of bars and nighttime restaurants for you to enjoy well past the time the kids will be asleep. Most of these bars are a short drive from Marina Del Rey, but the best way to experience a waterfront bar is by traveling by boat. Peer into Grand Lake's nightlife options.

*The menu options listed below are only a part of the full menu.

Copper Penny Bar

Address: 711 E. Ketchum Ketchum, OK
Phone: (918) 760-1213

Monday-Sunday open at 4pm

Potato Skins
Fried Mushrooms
Smash Burger

Copper Penny Bar is the perfect place to eat, enjoy good music and to just relax. They have Karaoke night, poker night and many other activities. Check out their menu and events by clicking below.


Address: 320 Lake Front St, Disney
Phone: 918-435-5200
Drive Time: 5 minutes

Sunday - Monday, Wednesday - Thursday: 12 PM - 10 PM
Friday - Saturday: 12 PM - 1 AM
Closed Tuesdays

Chips and Salsa
Buffalo Wings
Fried Pickles

Mooney's is a waterfront bar with a loud personality! After a long day on the lake or offroading on Disney Island, many Grand Lake visitors head to Mooney's for an amusing night of drinks, food, and music. You can sail up to the marina near the bar if you want to skip the drive. The pub food here is well worth the travel! We know you'll agree!

Pickles Bar

Address: 2036 N 3rd St, Langley
Phone: 918-782-3455
Drive Time: 12 minutes

Monday - Thursday: 10AM - 11PM
Friday - Saturday: 10AM - 2AM
Sunday: 10AM - 7PM


Pickles isn't on the water, but that doesn't mean it isn't a great place to celebrate during your vacation! People tend to love the coziness of this local bar. They also loved the food.


Address: 34988 Hammerhead Rd, Vinita
Phone: 918-782-3239
Drive Time: 11 minutes

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 7AM - 10PM
Wednesday: 11AM - 2PM
Thursday - Friday: 11AM - 8PM
Saturday: 11AM - 1AM
Sunday: 11AM - 10PM

Pizza Sub
Meatball Sub
Meatball Marinara
Chicken Alfredo
Specialty Pizzas

Sharky's is another waterfront restaurant that is just across the pond from Marina Del Rey. They have their own personal dock—the Hammerhead Marina—making it the perfect destination for an evening boat ride. The restaurant emphasizes Italian American food above all else, so if you love pizza or pasta dishes, you definitely need to stop here.
South Grand Lake has the perfect nighttime eateries, with well-made drinks and skilled musicians constantly playing. Don't miss out on this piece of the Grand Lake puzzle.