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If you're looking for something different to do, Disney, Oklahoma offers off-roading experiences. Off-roading is one of the most popular activities on Grand Lakeā€”but is especially renowned on this tiny island.

In the most popular off-roading parks, you'll have the opportunity to cruise around trees, over rocks, and through the water. Whether you ride a Jeep, 4X4, dirtbike, or ATV, you'll be able to enjoy a day off the grid. We'll review everything you'll need to know for your future trip to Disney (Oklahoma).

Rocks & Docks Adventure Rentals

10-minute drive
Address: 115 W Main Street, Disney, OK. 74340
Phone: (918) 937-9378
Hours: No set hours until May. Reservations must be made online. They will meet you at the store 30 minutes before your scheduled rental time.

We recommend Rocks & Docks Adventure Rentals. They are located in Disney, OK. right in the heart of the off-roading area. They offer 2022 Polaris RZR XP 1000 (2 Seater or 4 seater).

Off-Road Parks in Oklahoma

All the potential off-road parks you can choose from! Guests with all-terrain vehicles will have a field day here. If you want to take a look at the trails and parks we are talking about, review this map:

Rock Garden

Renowned for its off-roading fans (self-proclaimed rockhoppers), the Rock Garden is full of slated rock, dirt plains and a nearby pond for you to get your tires wet in. People from all over gather at the rock garden for all sorts of fun events and occasionally even concerts.

If off-roading is your passion, this is a must-visit location for you when you stay with Marina Del Rey.

Hogan's Off-Road Park

Once you've had enough of the rocks, it may be time to venture through the narrow pathways among the trees. Hogan's is one of the most popular off-road parks in the area. Located just a few minutes away from Main Street, it's easily accessible for any off-roading tourist. You'll have a chance to crawl through the forests and relax by the refreshing water.

Despite the name, Hogan does not actually own this section of Disney. It just happens to be near Hogan's Campground. Because it's public property, the park is actually free! It's open past sunset, so if you're looking for a late-night ride, this is the place to go.

Little Blue Park

Another popular section in the Grand Lake State Park is Little Blue. It has a small creek, open areas and forests. It's a quieter section on the eastern half of the park. It gets busy during the off-road events season. Keep that in mind and make sure your vehicle is taken care of.

Off-Road Regulations (GRDA)

These are some of the important rules that you need to follow if you want to have a fun day in the parks.

  • Passengers are only allowed on three-wheelers, four-wheelers or motorcycles with a separate seat and foot support.
  • Low gear only except on trails with a speed limit greater than 5mph.
  • No racing
  • Lights are required to work. Must be turned on the half-hour before sunset and half-hour after sunrise.
  • Obey signs
  • No alcohol
  • Listen and follow the orders of GRDA police and compliance officers

For more information on the rules you need to follow, please read the GRDA manual.

Off-Road Events

While off-roading runs all summer, there are a few events that happen during the year that are perfect for off-road pros.

Big Meat Run in Disney, OK.

This is the biggest event of the year, usually occurring in mid-March. The activities range from year to year, but you'll be able to off-road, play poker, listen to live music and eat like a king. 

UTV Spring Extravaganza

This event is primarily focused on rock climbing. People bring their off-roading vehicles and meat to the parks. They then test their mettle against some of the steepest rock climbing sections in the park! This occurs anywhere from April to mid-June.


October brings with it the popular Rocktoberfest. Live music plays on the rocks in the parks, which is a lot of fun, especially if you are off-roading while the music blares. Play poker and hopefully win a major prize and enjoy some great food at the local eateries.