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When you're planning a vacation,  it's good to have a specific event you can plan your vacation around. Fortunately, you can't go two days without some sort of celebration at the Grand Lake of the Cherokees!

For our guests who are interested in parties, music, dancing and food, we thought it would be helpful to make a compilation of the most popular Grand Lake events and tell you why they are worth a visit.

Get ready to buy your tickets now because these parties do not let up on the excitement!

Grand Jam

Late June
Address: 3694 S. 4510 Rd, Afton, OK

During the last week of June, you'll have the chance to visit a music festival unlike any other. While some attractions are perfect for families, Grand Jam is the height of nightlife on Grand Lake. You probably don't want to bring your kids.

Grand Jam draws musicians from all over the nation. If you wanna hear the up-and-coming rock stars, this is where you do it! The Grand Jam usually costs a bit of money but it changes from year-to-year.
 keep that in mind.

Duck Creek Fireworks

July 4th
Address: 32888 S. 4507 Rd. Afton, OK

What better way to spend Independence Day than by lounging by the lake and watching the fireworks? You not only get a good view of the fireworks from above but you can also see them in the water's reflection below. This firework show is second to none!!

This show has been running for 80 years and is a Grand Lake tradition among many visitors. It doesn't cost anything but if you want a special night with your loved one, you can give a $500 donation for a private invitation to the Spark Plug dinner. The restaurant serves cocktails, dessert and dinner!


Address: 31527 S 4510 Rd. Afton, OK

Perhaps the most popular event of the year, Aquapalooza is a water party that the whole family can enjoy. In the past, the party has hosted roughly 14,000 guests and you could be one of them!

The best part? Admission is free!

Bring your rafts, bring your pool noodles and especially bring your singing voice! You'll have the time of your life singing to classic rock music while floating in the lake. This is a family party, so keep an eye on your kids to make sure they are safe in the water.

Crawl O' Ween

Late October
Address: 219 W Main St, Disney, OK.

People might not think about visiting Grand Lake in the fall but they're missing out! When the water starts cooling down, the parties just start heating up!

Are you a fan of Jeeps? Do you like Halloween? Then there's no better activity for you to check out than Crawl O' Ween. This Jeep parade showcases people's pride and joys decked out for the Halloween fanfare! It's a fun way to spend a Halloween vacation in a remote place. If that is not enough, be sure to take trip through the haunted tour.

This special Halloween event is free!

Music and Off-roading

These are just a few of the events on the itinerary. You can also jump in the water at the Redneck Raftout, Woodstock on the Water and Rock the Dock. Each is a music party with an emphasis on a different kind of music. Find out when they are hosted through the buttons below! They are all a blast!

For those who are interested in off-roading, check out the popular off-roading events that run throughout the year, including the Big Meat Run and Rocktoberfest. Disney, OK. has a lot of fun activities going on throughout the year for you to look forward to. Learn more about off-roading at Disney in our article!