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While boating around Grand Lake is a lot of fun for those who have their sea legs, those who are more comfortable keeping their feet on the solid ground might be looking for a way to spend their vacation.

Disney, Oklahoma, offers a variety of activities for you to enjoy at Grand Lake State Park. This beautiful area has A LOT of things for you to explore. Some attractions are relaxing and others are thrilling.

Let's take a look at your future vacation itinerary!

Pensacola Dam Tours

According to Grove's Chamber of Commerce, the Pensacola dam was "the first hydroelectric facility to be built in Oklahoma." A project that was started during the Great Depression, Pensacola Dam still stands today as a feat of American creation when things are difficult.

The impressive man-made structure holds back 44,000 acres of water and at a quarter of a mile long, is the longest multi-arched dam in the world. If you want to learn about the struggles and successes that people faced during one of the rockiest periods of American history, this is a must-visit.

When is the dam open for tours?

Pensacola dam is open from Memorial Day (end of May) to Labor Day (beginning of September).
Tours run every day from 9 AM - 3:30 PM

How much does the tour cost?

Because Pensacola Dam is operated by the Oklahoma State government, tours are free for all guests! We hope that everyone will take some time to explore a bit of Oklahoma's history while they're in town.

Grand Cherokee Golf Course

Are you obsessed with the greens? Then you're in luck, because Grand Cherokee Golf Course isn't too far away. There aren't too many golf courses near Grand Lake but with the scenic views and excellent service here, you won't need another place to putt.

The golf course is affordable even if you choose to book for the full 18-holes. You may rent a golf cart at the course.

Grand Cherokee Golf Course Prices

Daily Green Fees (every day of the week)
18-holes: $17.28
9-holes: $11.34

18-Holes: $7.84
9-Holes: $6.95

18-Holes: $9.72
9-Holes: $7.56

Twilight (Includes Golf Cart)
Weekday (after 2 PM), Weekend (after 4 PM): $19.84 per person

Golf Cart Rental (per rider)
9-Holes: $8.50
18-Holes: $12.00

Can I bring alcohol to the golf course?

You are allowed to bring drinks to the Grand Cherokee Golf Course but there are a few rules:
  • No glass containers.
  • Coolers should be a small size, so as to fit into the baskets in the golf carts.
  • Be respectful of other people.

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Fishing Neosho River

If you can fish in Grand Lake itself, why would you choose to fish in a river next door to it? While yes, it's true that you'll likely find many of the same fish as you do in Grand Lake, the Neosho River is still a beautiful place to go fishing.

Many lake fishers sit in their boat, casually waiting for something to bite. But in the Neosho River, it is easier to go fly fishing—which many of our guests prefer.

Do you want to learn more about fishing in Grand Lake or Oklahoma in general? Check out our fishing article for more information.

Grand Lake State Park is bustling with activities that you can do! One major one we haven't mentioned is off-roading, which happens to be one of the most popular attractions in Disney, OK. If you are interested in riding all-terrain, visit the article for more details.